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Scandamania preview: England v Sweden


A Swedish national boxing team will arrive in the region this week, as the North East has been chosen to host their international match with England.

The Tyne, Tees and Wear Amateur Boxing Association (TTW ABA) were delighted to be selected over many other regions in the country that wanted to host the event, named Scandamania: The Viking Invasion, that will take place at the Rainton Meadows Arena on Tuesday February 26.

Davey Newth, a TTW ABA director, believes this a big deal for the North East and is urging as many people as possible to come and cheer on the English boxers.

He said: “This is a huge opportunity for the region. It would compare to England playing football at the Stadium of Light or Rugby Union at Kingston Park.

“It is a credit to everyone associated with TTW ABA that we have been chosen to host it and it builds on our success in hosting events such as the NABC National semi-finals and the ABA Senior Novice National finals last year.”

The show will feature seven international bouts between boxers from England and Sweden, including two female bouts, and there will also be seven under card fights featuring TTW boxers.

Following trials for the event four TTW boxers were chosen to represent England: Houghton’s Josh Kelly (64kg); Wellington’s Louis Cunningham and Peter Martin (69 and 75kg); and Birtley’s Jordan King (81kg) – King of course was once of Hetton Town ABC before the gym’s closure.

The four will be joined by Chadd ABC’s Talia Antony (51kg); Larches and Savick’s two-time ABA champion and European silver medallist Lisa Whiteside; and Corby ABC’s super-heavyweight ABA and GB champion Simon Barclay.

Davey thinks the two girls, Talia and Lisa, are certainly worth looking out for.

“If anyone thinks female boxing is a second rate sport or that female boxers are not as good as their male counterparts, they need to see these fantastic girls in action.

“Personally I am looking forward to every bout but if I had to be pushed I’d say Terrence Wilkinson (Forest Hall ABC) v Travis Waters (Sunderland ABC) and Jahmal Weaver (Pallister Park) v Tommy Nicholson (Darlington) will both be wars.”

When asked why people should attend Davey’s answer was clear and simple:

“This is world-class boxing, on the door step, for a bargain price of £15, or £5 for under-16’s and over-65’s. You can see top class athletes such as Houghton’s World Youth bronze medallist Josh Kelly.

“I think there has to be a lasting legacy from events like this. It demonstrates to the rest of the country, and even the world, that the North East is a real hotbed for boxing. I would urge everyone to come along and support England and the TTW region.”

The event starts at 7pm on February 26 at Rainton Meadows Arena and sponsorship opportunities are still available. If anyone is interested they should contact David Newth at 07535063450.

Full bill


Anthony Stout (Shildon) v Harry Wise (Hartlepool Catholic)
Lewis Graham (Shildon) v L Egerton (Hartlepool Catholic)
Terrence Wilkinson (Forest Hall ABC) v Travis Waters(Sunderland ABC)
Tom Summerbell (Tootill-Abc TrimdonColliery)v Liam Crang (Darlington)
Jimmy Tyers (Newbiggin) v Kyle O’Toole (Scarborough)
Jahmal Weaver (Pallister Park) v Tommy Nicholson (Darlington)


Talia Anthony (England) v Elin Rönnlund (Sweden)
Lisa Whiteside (England) v Linnea Strandell (Sweden)


Josh Kelly (England) v Clearence Goyram (Sweden)
Louis Paul Cunningham (England) v Nurbo Bozan (Sweden)
Peter Martin (England) v Ben Bodilla (Sweden)
Jordan King (England) v Hampus Henriksson (Sweden)
Simon Barclay (England) v Gabriel Richards (Sweden)


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