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Show report: Gus Robinson ABC 20/02/13

Liam Rowbotham

By David Waites

It was a successful night of boxing at the Corporation Welfare Club, Hartlepool, as The Gus Robinson ABC offered the crowd a number of thrilling fights.

The talking point of the night is the victories for the highly rated Cope Brothers.

The youngest of the Cope brothers set the bar high for his elder with an impressive win. Luke Cope beat an impressive Connor William of Middleton ABC with sheer pace and a good jab.

Cope used his quick movement to open up chance after chance, picking off his opponent and scoring highly in the final round with a score of 20-4.

The older Cope brother, Daniel, was given main event duties alongside Luke Radcliffe of Sunderland ABC. With youngest Cope ringside, Daniel Cope had to maintain his families winning streak and he did emphatically as he overpowered and out fought a determined Robinson.

With nothing but a flawless performance, Cope took the fight in his stride as he won each round emphatically as Radcliffe fizzled out in the final round.

The night started though with Headland ABC’s Jamie-Lee Skidmore against Lambton Street ABC’s Lewis Nicholson. With Skidmore coming out strongest in the first round, it meant Nicholson needed consistency and technique to pull off the win with two excellent rounds.

Another boxing family taking part tonight, was the Coombs. William opened up the family account and opened Gus Robinson ABC’s, with an impressive win against Kane Gamble of Ward Degnam ABC.

With impressive strength by Coombs and cutting open his opponent in the second round, he was able to control the fight till the end and gained an impressive average of 15 successful punches per round.

The second Coombs brother, Darren, claimed a win after a quick tempo fight against Spennymoor ABC’s Kieran Lindsay. With both fighters giving it their all it didn’t take long before the crowd knew what was in store.

With Coombs’ impressive technique and ability to read his opponent he took the fight to his opponent with a variety of punches leading to Lindsay tiring by the final round. Coombs’ claimed an impressive 21 points to Lindsay’s seven.

Another win for Gus Robinson’s was awarded to Liam Rowbotham (pictured above) who didn’t wait around to impress the home crowd with his agility and technique. Combinations allowed him to storm over Sunderland ABC’s promising star Jimmy Hall.

Daniel Robinson of Headland ABC pulled one of the biggest comebacks of the night against Middleton ABC’s Domonic Taylor.

Robinson took a heavy beating in the first round as Taylor took the fight to him, but using the second round to steady himself and then unleashing his power in the third, Robinson managed to floor his opponent with a right hook to gain advantage as he racked up the points to claim a satisfying win.

Reece Cole of Gus Robinson gave a valiant effort in trying to fight off a strong and determined Lewis Fairley of Lambton Street ABC. Despite Cole having the height advantage and considerably longer reach, it was Fairley who took the win with quick movement and fast jabs to win on points.

A close match between Leon Egerton (Gus Robinson) and Daniel English (North Road) proved to be one of the closest fights of the night as each boxer went toe to toe on every punch.

English was able to use his quick feet to catch out Egerton and score some points in the second round that gifted him the win by a narrow margin.

The fight of the night has to go to a gifted Johney Anderson of Gus Robinson ABC and Chris Burton of Middleton ABC as both boxers left nothing behind and threw everything they had at each other.

With quick jabs and strong hooks by Anderson, he took the fight to Burton who looked for an escape from the power of his opponent and was knocked down in the second round.

It wasn’t until the final round when Burton displayed his skill with powerful hooks. The pace of Anderson couldn’t escape the power of the hooks and he was knocked down, but an impressive consistency of quick jabs and quick movement gifted Anderson a well deserved win.

Despite Gus Robinson’s Luke Sullivan being defeated by K. Anastov of Phil Thomas SOB ABC his effort shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Sullivan gave a strong effort in the opening round as he connected well with heavy jabs, but Anastov created a number of counter attacks and hit with quick combo’s to gain himself a win over a highly rated boxer.

Lewis Dodds of Gus Robinson ABC fell short to the power of Sunderland ABC’s Moon Siddiqui who pulled of impressive hooks to claim victory. Siddiqui’s determination and aspiration showed important when he battled down a strong and resilient Dodds.

With impressive pace and strong punches he racked up an impressive 21 successful punches per round.


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