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Supremacy round-up: Dickinson too much for Dolan


Jon-Lewis Dickinson proved too strong for Sunderland’s David Dolan as he made a successful first defence of his British title at the Rainton Meadows Arena on Friday.

The extremely tight bout topped an explosive ten-fight bill put on by Frank Maloney and Phil Jeffries, and in the end Dickinson had done enough to claim a unanimous points decision with scores of 117-112 and 118-111 twice.

The Birtley boxer appeared to dominate the early stages of the fight, with Dolan coming back sporadically. Very rarely were rounds clearly won by either boxer though, other than the eighth when a left hook sent Dolan wobbling backwards.

The challenger, coached by Neil Fannon, did well to survive that but in the closing stages didn’t have enough in the tank to dominate as Dickinson looked to run down the clock.

While Dickinson will be now looking for two more successful defences in order to win the belt outright, Dolan’s future is lot more uncertain. That was his third crack at the Lonsdale Cruiserweight belt and it is unlikely he will get another now at 33 years-old. Many believe retirement is now likely for the former Commonwealth gold medalist.

As expected the derby between Hartlepool’s Peter Cope and South Shields’ David Lake was fight of the night.

They both went at it from start to finish and it is a shame that the two were only given 4x3mins rounds in which to impress. Cope did that though moving his record to 7-0.

A somewhat controversial and harsh knockdown was given against Lake in the third but despite that he was only on the end of a 40-37 points defeat. Despite his now record of 3-4, David showed enough heart and determination to push Cope close and proved he is better than the record suggests.

Mal Gates’ boys never fail to bring excitement and Lake’s stable mate, Anthony ‘Babyface’ Nelson was no exception.

Due to be last on the bill, Nelson had to cope with being pushed up to 6th on the bill due to technical difficulties with television satellites, which caused a delay for the main event.

It never seemed to faze Anthony though as he took a 60-54 decision over Middlesbrough’s Francis Croes, leaving his opponents face in a bad way in the process. Croes showed heart to withstand the constant barrage and Nelson was unlucky not to add another stoppage to his now 5(1)-0 record.

By the time Lake and Cope had finished the arena had almost emptied which was a shame because the fans who’d left missed two cracking last bouts.

Firstly, Maloney’s young prospect Danny Price from Scarborough won via a first round stoppage just one minute and 45 seconds in against Tamaz Bajzath. A smart right hand while Bajzath was backed on the ropes sent him down and he was never likely to recover from it.

Then Durham’s Gary Fox rounded of the event with an even quicker one minute and 23 second stoppage of Mark McRay. For all it lasted it was a thrilling battle where Fox scored a knockdown then went for the finish only to be rocked by a McRay counter. He quickly turned it round though and the referee stepped in to end proceedings.

Earlier in the night Ben Jackson, Travis Dickinson (Jon’s brother), Craig ‘Robert’ Dixon, Paul Archer and Gary Cornish all picked up victories against their respected opponents.

Jackson debuted against Sid Razak, Travis won comfortably against Jody Meikle and Dixon beat previously undefeated Marek Laskowski. Archer was some what fortunate to beat Kevin McAuley and Scottish heavyweight hope Cornish TKO’d Jakov Gospic in round 4.


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