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Three Sunderland ABC schoolboys march on

Joel Hassan on his way to his North East title last year.

Joel Hassan on his way to his North East title last year.

Sunderland ABC’s Joel Hassan, Jamie Cockburn and Reece Amir all became North East champions last Sunday, and just one week later will look to make a move on the national title.

Tomorrow (Sunday February 3rd) Everton Park Sports Centre plays host to the pre-quarter-final stage of the schoolboy ABA’s between Merseyside and Chesire and the Tyne, Tees and Wear.

After reaching the quarter-finals last year, young and talented Joel Hassan (pictured above) will be hoping to get there again after retaining his North East crown beating Tommy Dixon of Houghton ABC on a majority points verdict in the class 2, 46kg final.

Joel said: “I was extremely happy to retain my title, making it my 3rd North East title. I believe my positive approach to the fight made me the winner although my opponent was a good boxer he seemed happy to throw the odd shot in the hope of nicking a few points. However, my approach was to stalk him down and put in some sharp fast attacks which I was successful in doing, I knew I had to use a strategy in this fight to win and my strategy paid off along with all my hard work.”

Joel will face tough competition in Merseyside tomorrow though, as he goes up against last years national champion Rotunda’s Patrick Birkenhead. Joel is still confident though and feels he is going in well prepared:

“I am very excited for Sunday because I’ve got to the quarters twice and this time I want to go all the way, I really want it and that’s why I’ve trained so hard!

“I know I’m boxing last years champion Patrick Birkenhead, he’s a good southpaw but I spar with southpaws at the gym and I can handle them so I know I can handle him. I’m in it to win it and to be the best you’ve got to beat the best. I can’t wait!”

Also boxing tomorrow will be Joel’s team-mate and North East class 1, 42kg champion Jamie Cockburn who beat Hartlepool Catholic’s Bobby Carter to claim that crown.

Jamie now faces Kirby’s Kamran Butt for a place in the quarter-finals and said:

“I was really happy as I had to have three fights in one week to win the title. It was a tight and hard final because I was down in the first round and the second round was close, so I knew going into the last round I had to have a big round to win the fight.

“I am excited for Sunday to box down Liverpool, I will give it 110% to win. I have been training extra hard in and outside the gym, that’s why I think I will win on Sunday and I would love to go all the way in the championships. I’d just like to thank everyone at Sunderland ABC for getting me this far.”

The third Sunderland ABC boxer through is Reece Amir who received a walkover to the pre-quarter-final stage but will walkover to the quarters to as there is no class 2, 66kg competitor. In somewhat of a shock, last year’s national champion Carlo Geraldi was beaten in the TTW final and will have to wait till next year to regain his national crown.

Sunderland East End ABC have Ethan Scott walking over to the quarters while Lambton Street’s Jacob Cliff will fight Kirby’s Louis Pennington.

Spare a thought for Houghton’s Tarik Narin too who had received a walkover to the pre-quarter-final stage only to dislocate and fracture his finger in an accident outside of boxing, ruling him out of the competition. He said that although he’s devastated he feels confident that he’ll be back next year with a bang.

Full results from last Sundays TTW schoolboy finals

Minor Class
26-28kg Caeron Quinn (Horden) W/O
28-30kg Joe Thomas (South Durham) LPTSUN 4-10 6-13 7-11 6-11 11-17 Frank Thomas (Darlington)
30-32kg Jay Stavers (Houghton) LPTSUN 17-23 8-10 6-10 6-9 7-9 Joshue Babb (Ward Degnans)
32-34kg Hope Price (South Durham) WPTSM 8-7 8-7 11-5 7-9 ?-? Shane McCauley (Bishop (Auckland)
34-36kg William Ward (Darlington) WPTSUN 9-4 7-6 9-6 9-8 9-4 Elliott Stonehouse (Spennymoor)
36-38 Tarik Narin Houghton W/O
38-40kg Bradley Simm (Newbiggin) LPTSUN 10-13 7-11 8-10 7-13 10-17 James Lepoidevin (Aycliffe)
40-42kg Daniel Toward (Birtley) W/O
44-46kg Ryan Ridley (Forest Hall) W/O
Class 1
28-30kg Nathan Blades (Tootill) W/O
30-32kg Anthony Middleton (Ward Degnans) W/O
32-34kg Joe Berry (Birtley) WPTSUN 11-5 12-9 12-8 16-8 10-8 Luke Thornton (Spennymoor)
34-36kg Adam Riechard (Lambton Street) LPTSM 13-18 11-16 14-17 14-12 14-11 Carl Stout (Shildon)
36-38kg Carlo Geraldi (Sunderland) LPTSM 12-18 10-17 9-15 9-15 11-10 Joe Tyers (Newbiggin)
38-40kg Michael Stewart (Empire) LPTSM 7-10 3-10 6-10 7-5 4-8 Jacob Dickinson (Birtley)
40-42kg Bobby Carter (Hartlepool Catholic) LPTSM 10-11 13-14 9-12 15-12 15-12 Jamie Cockburn (Sunderland)
42-44kg James McMeekin (Shildon) WPTSUN 13-7 14-9 16-6 14-7 13-6 Jordon Hamilton (Houghton)
44-46kg Drew Davidson (Lambton Street) LPTSM 7-12 7-11 9-10 10-12 12-10 Ryan Tennant (Ward Degnans)
46-48kg Ethan Scott (Sunderland East End) W/O
52-54kg Liam Bousfield (Wellington) W/O
54-57kg Clyde Best South Durham) W/O
57-60kg Dean Curry (Bilton Hall W/O
Class 2
32-34kg Mitchell Welsh (Darlington) W/O
34-36kg Corey McElhatton (Perth Green) LPTSM 8-9 7-8 6-8 9-12 11-7 Tom Capps (Darlington)
36-38kg Ben Grassom (Lambton Street) LPTSUN 9-14 12-14 14-7 10-12 10-12 Joe McKenzie (Birtley)
38-40kg Ben Marksby (Darlington) WPTSM 8-6 9-7 8-7 8-12 10-13 David Berry (Birtley)
40-42kg Peter Smith (Phil Thomas) W/O
42-44kg Mark Dickinson (Birtley) W/O
44-46kg Joel Hassan (Sunderland) WPTSM 11-10 8-7 15-12 13-9 10-12 Tommy Dixon (Houghton)
46-48kg Curtis Waggott (High Fell) LRSC3 Jason Foster (Darlington)
48-50kg Jack Comby (Spennymoor) W/O
50-52kg Regan Eddy (Spennymoor) W/O
52-54kg Brad Smith (Perth Green) LRSC1 Joseph Burnside (Birtley)
54-57kg Jim Hall (Sunderland) LPTSM 13-16 12-21 12-20 15-20 14-12 James Tyers (Bishop Auckland)
60-63kg Liam Lillystone (East Middlesbrough) LRSC2 Kai Hume (Newbiggin)
63-66kg Reece Amir (Sunderland W/O
Class 3
36-38kg Callum Measer (Hartlepool Catholic) W/O
38-40kg Morgan Murry (Hartlepool Catholic) WPTSUN 15-12 18-10 25-15 22-11 17-9 Jordan Phelps (North Shields)
40-42kg Michael Jaques (Spennymoor) WPTSM 14-13 13-10 12-8 9-10 12-16 Luke Towler (South Durham)
42-44kg Adam Bowden (West Durham) LPTSUN 8-12 7-9 6-14 8-15 6-12 Jacob Cliffe (Lambton Street)
44-46kg Domonic Ross (South Durham) LPTSM 7-14 6-11 6-9 4-8 13-10 Jack Edmonds (Ward Degnans)
46-48kg Callum McPherson (Leam Lane) W/O
48-50 Jack Dickinson (Birtley) WPTSUN 19-7 15-8 18-9 10-5 13-6 Joseph Ferguson (Wellington)
50-52kg Michael Jobson (Empire) LPTSM 8-10 11-13 10-12 12-9 11-8 Alan Comby (Spennymoor)
52-54kg Charlie Burt (Newbiggin) LPTSUN 7-12 7-9 9-12 8-14 7-12 Nathan Smith (Darlington)
54-57kg Ben Rees (Newbiggin) WRSC2 Callum Roadment (North Shields)
57-60kg Dylan Palmer (Houghton) W/O
60-63kg Joseph Winchurch (East Middlesbrough)
63-66kg Macauley Ainslie (Houghton) LPTSM 7-8 3-7 6-10 4-9 8-7 Robbie Lambert (Leam Lane)


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