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Joel Hassan ‘buzzing’ with victory and now looking to retain North East title

Joel Hassan on his way to his North East title last year.

Joel Hassan on his way to his North East title last year.

Sunderland ABC’s Joel Hassan said he is ‘buzzing’ after winning his Tyne, Tees and Wear ABA schoolboy semi-final and booking his place in the area final.

Hassan beat Darlington ABC’s Morgan Guest in a unanimous points decision in a clinical showing from the boxer, who last year won the North East title before controversially losing in the quarter-final of the national competition.

The Sunderland boxer booked his place in tomorrow’s class 2 46kg area final with a great display of boxing skill and he’ll now face an intriguing derby clash with Houghton’s Thomas Dixon (who had to win both a quarter-final and semi-final on his way to Sunday’s final).

Joel said: “I was buzzing that I won. All the running and all the training paid off. I won because of my straight, strong combinations to head and body and mostly my fitness. The points were 14-10, 12-9, 12-9, 8-6 and 10-5 so it was comfortable.

“I am very confident of retaining my North East title because I’m the fittest, the strongest and the fastest I have ever been. I am going to win the ABA’s and be national champion, I have trained hard enough and know I will win!”

Joel is confident but has a very good reason to be. He has proved time and time again once in the ring that Joel has the required skills to go all the way in this sport. He may well be helped by the fact that he’ll be joined in the final by stable mates Carlo Geraldi and Jamie Cockburn.

Geraldi, who last year won the minor class national title became one step closer to retaining his national title booking his place in the class 1 38kg area final, scoring a unanimous points victory over Shildon’s Lucas Hallimond.

Like Hassan’s final opponent, young Jamie Cockburn had to fight twice in the last seven days to seal his place in the class 1 42kg final. First beating Lambton Street’s Lewis Nicholson on a unanimous points decision before winning his semi-final on Wednesday night in a third round stoppage.

Sadly for Sunderland ABC, two talented boxers went no further in the competition. The biggest shock was that of last year’s national semi-finalist Connor McCulloch in the class 3 52kg area semi-final. There is no shame in losing to Spennymoor’s talented Alan Comby and we at WearBoxing have no doubt that Connor will be back to winning ways sooner rather than later.

John Purdy is the other who sadly wont go further this year. He lost a unanimous points decision to Birtley’s D. Berry.

The final will take place tomorrow (Sunday January 27th) at Newbiggin Sports Centre.

The full results from last Sunday’s preliminary stages at Newbiggin as well were:


Minor Semi Finals

30-32kg J.L.Stavers (Houghton) WPTSUN N.Sherwin (South Durham)

30-32kg J.Babb (Ward Degnans) WPTSUN D.Rutherford (Shildon)

38-40kg J.Lepoidevin (Aycliffe) LRSC2 D.Toward (Birtley)

Class 1 Semi Final

32-34kg J.Blenkiron (Dunston) LPTSM L.Thornton (Spennymoor)

Class 1 Quarter Final

34-36kg C.Stout (Shildon) WPTSUN D.Coombs (Gus Robinson)

Class 1 Semi Finals

34-36kg S.Reichard (Lambton Street) WPTSM K.Lindsay (Spennymoor)

36-38kg L.Hallimond (Shildon) LPTSUN C.Geraldi (Sunderland)

36-38kg H.Condren (Aycliffe) LPTSUN J.Tyers (Newbiggin)

38-40kg J.Dickinson (Birtley) WPTSUN R.McKerr (Shildon)

Class 1 Quarter Finals

40-42kg J.L.Skidmore (Headland) LPTSM L.Bell (Aycliffe)

40-42kg R.Carter (Hartlepool Catholic) WPTSUN J.Laws (Plains Farm)

40-42kg E.Swales (Shildon) WPTSM Adam Kirtley (Olympian)

40-42kg L.Nicholson (Lambton Street) LPTSM J.Cockburn (Sunderland)

Class 2 Quarter Final

38-40kg R.Cann (Olympian) LPTSUN B.Marksby (Darlington)

Class 2 Semi Final

38-40kg D.Berry (Birtley) WPTSUN C.Purdy (Sunderland)

42-44kg M.Dickinson (Birtley) WPTSM C.Stuart (Bishop Auckland)

Class 2 Quarter Finals

44-46kg T.Dixon (Houghton) WPTSUN M.Robinson (Plains Farm)

44-46kg J.Hassan (Sunderland) WPTSUN M.Guest (Darlington)

Class 2 Semi Finals

46-48kg J.Stevenson (Tootill) LPTSUN J.Foster (Darlington)

52-54kg L.Robotham (Gus Robinson) LPTSUN J.Burnside (Birtley)

54-57kg C.Harker(Ward Degnans) LPTSM J.Tyers (Bishop Auckland)

Class 3 Semi Finals

44-46kg R.Robinson (Wellington) LPTSM J.Edmonds (Ward Degnans)

50-52kg A.Comby (Spennymoor) WPTSUN C.McCulluch (Sunderland)

52-54kg  L.Pearson (Tootill) LPTSUN N.Smith (Darlington)


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