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Tommy Ward victory is just one more on way to ultimate aim

Tommy Ward put in another impressive display in Newcastle on Saturday to move 3-0 with a points win over the experienced Delroy Spencer.

On Steve Wraith’s ‘Farewell to Fergie’ bill at the O2 Academy, Ward put on a display of fantastic boxing skill to win 40-36 on points against the journeyman.

At just 18 years-old Tommy is one of the youngest British professional boxers but despite this been only his third victory he is already confident that he can go all the way to win a world title.

Ward certainly has the right people around him. His coach is Neil Fannon who has trained some of the best fighters the region has created, including former European champion and world title challenger Michael Hunter. He also currently trains Tommy’s older brother and current bantamweight English champion Martin Ward.

Tommy admits that the success that his brother is enjoying is rubbing off on him.

He said: “I’d like to do the same as Martin. He’s going after the British title now and I think he’s well on his way to a world title. My aim is to be world champion that’s what is in my head. I’m eager but I know I’ve got to be patient because I’m only 18 but hopefully after a few more fights we’ll step up to title level.

“I leave everything to Neil, David Garside and Phil Jeffries though, they say who we box.I feel I’m ready for the bigger fights but I’m willing to be patient. Neil is one of the best and he’s brought me on leaps and bounds. I listen to him, I trust him and I’ll stick with him because we’re going all the way!”

Tommy and Martin are at every fight of each others and Tommy says he learns so much from his older brother, be it by getting tips from Martin after his fights or even just by watching Martin when he fights and the Durham boxer believes this learning is vital to his progression towards title fights.

Although only three fights in to his pro career, Tommy has managed to impress the boxing fraternity, with many believing he could go as far as he wants to.

He peaked, so far, in his second fight on Steve Wraith’s first professional bill when he fought in the fight of the night in a local derby with David Lake. There he beat Lake with a fourth round TKO; putting on an impressive display of his skill, in particular his lightning hand speed.

On Steve’s second show on Saturday though, Tommy didn’t quite impress as much against the vastly experienced Delroy Spencer. He had an explanation for this though.

“With Spencer it wasn’t about getting a stoppage, it was about getting the rounds and learning. I knocked David Lake out but if you watch the two fights there was no difference in me at all. I was just boxing and using my skill and hand speed which is what I’m about.”

Ward continued: “The difference was David Lake came to win whereas Delroy didn’t and so Lake was more open. I felt in complete control though and was I never got out of second gear really, I was just going through the motions.”

Tommy is right. It may not have been as exciting for the fans as the David Lake fight but he was still impressive and was always in complete control and while Spencer may not come to win, he proved in Darlington against another North East prospect, Mohammed Waqas, that he can still throw shots.

Tommy though, never once looked in danger of ever being caught by anything the journeyman threw.

Tommy said: “I was happy with the win and I learnt a lot from it. He’s a very experienced boxer. I always go out and give 100 percent no matter who I’m boxing and I just love showcasing my skills. I’m already back in the gym and keeping fit because I always want to be ready. I’m hoping to be out early next year on a bill that will hopefully see Martin challenge for the British title, but we shall see.”


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