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The East End ABC: An Evening Of Amateur Boxing

Sean Pendleton (Blue) v Phil Thompson (Red) was the main draw on the high card.

*Story courtesy of David Waites and SportsByte.sunderland.ac.uk

It was a night of spectacular boxing from all ages as the Best Western Roker Hotel held The East End ABC night of Amateur Boxing, with the highly anticipated heavyweight bout between Phil Thompson and Sean Pendleton the main event on the card.

The first fight was between Dean Day (East End ABC) and Korey O’Neil (Forest Hall ABC.) Day can hit as good as he can defend, a good all round boxer, but the agility and the strength of O’Neil just shocked the crowd.

Day held the first round well, controlling the temperament of O’Neil. But in the second round, O’Neil hit form with combinations to the body and the head resulting in Day being knocked to the floor.

The third round was easy picking for O’Neill as he hit a point ratio of 22 punches to Day’s 10.

The next bout caught the eye of many boxing fans as it was the highly rated Ben Weighill (East End ABC) up against the energetic Asip Miah (Birtley ABC).

Miah knew this was a tough challenge and he gave it his all in the first round. But Weighill’s confidence in the ring, and with the crowd on his side, punished Miah with a series of combinations which led to his impressive score card count of 69 punches landed.

Weighill said after the bout: “Its great to get the win under my belt, he came out strong in the first round and I had to control him, he fought well but I gave my all and landed the punches to give me the edge.”

The final undercard fight was worthy of a main event on any match card. Kyle Brown (East End ABC), undefeated in his last ten fights, against Brendan Comby (Spennymoor ABC.)

Comby attacked from the start and landed a combination of ten punches in the first eight seconds. Brown withstood the rapid embrace from Comby and responded unbelievably in the next two rounds.

Brown held well and worked the tired body of Comby, punishing his opponent to claim a well-deserved victory.

The final match was a ‘clash of the titans’ between Phil Thompson and Sean Pendleton (pictured above – Thompson in Red and Pendleton in Blue).

It was a fight in which both fighters had a lot to prove and both had been on consecutive winning streaks.

Thompson opened his account in this fight with a number of double jabs to the mid section of Pendleton, catching him off guard and knocking the air out of him.

Thompson continued to connect his punches and although Pendleton tried to weave in and out to get away from the attacks, Thompson proved too powerful and technically aware and he won by a Unanimous Decision.


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