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Hartlepool’s Callum Winton relieved to get first win

Callum Winton was a relieved man on Sunday night after securing his first professional win in his home town.

Callum boxed Nottingham’s Rob Sharpe who came into the fight with a decent 2-3 record with his latest fight being a first round 20 second knockout.

It was a big risk for 20 year-old Callum who was only going into his second professional fight, and after only drawing his first fight against Steve Martin aswell (although he was unlucky in that decision).

Callum does carry a very impressive amateur record though, including an ABA national junior title, and now trains at the Hartlepool Gus Robinson gym along with two other hot prospects from the town Greg O’Neil and Peter Cope Jr. Peter Cope Snr. is one of Callum’s coach’s.

The super lightweight/ junior welterweight boxer said in the fight programme that he thought the decision in his first fight was wrong but admitted that he didn’t do enough and didn’t throw enough. He left no doubt on sunday though.

Despite only securing a 39-37 win and losing one round, his overall performance was very good and very exciting. He looked fit, sharp and fast and threw a lot of heavy hooks and not too many jabs. The second round was the only exception to his dominance in the fight when his defence became a little slack and he was caught with a few shots and I presume that is the round the judges awarded to Sharpe.

He left no doubt in the end that he was the winner though and said he was very relieved with the win:

“I am very happy with the win after the bad decision in my first fight.” Winton said, “I was pleased with my performance overall and I really enjoyed myself. Of course I still have a lot to learn in the pro game and there will always be negatives to take from a fight. In this one I don’t think I used my jab enough.

“My opponent was very strong and tough though, and he definitely came to win rather than just fold and that is fantastic experience for me. I learnt a lot more from my draw than what I would have done if I’d have won to be honest and it helped me to realise where I was going wrong so I was able to improve there. I felt fit and strong for the fight though and that was because of the hard work from Peter Cope, Alan Temple and Tony Cope, they push me on well and helped me gain my self belief back.

Winton’s fans were out in force again on Sunday and he said that they were all great and hoped that his fan base would continue to grow.

Regarding his future the young prospect said the following: “It was great to eventually get the chance to box at the Borough Hall with me being a Hartlepool lad and hopefully I get the chance to box there again. I didn’t get a stoppage in the fight but I think I am better for having the four rounds and that will help me a lot in the future. I don’t know how far I’ll get in boxing but I’m just going to train hard and go from there really.”

Callum isn’t sure when he’ll box next but said it will be whenever Peter Cope wants him back out again.

watch out for Callum Winton because he has a bright future ahead!


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