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Heavyweight clash stands out at Hetton Town ABC show

As expected, the heavyweight derby between Jordan King and Warren Cassap was the stand out bout of an excellent night of amateur boxing at Rainton Meadows Arena for Hetton Town’s show.

The two national champions went head to head in an absolute war that thrilled the fight fans inside the arena creating a unique and thrilling atmosphere.

Cassap, who has recently had trails for Team GB, won a majority decision but it was extremely tight on all three scorecards and both boxers averaged over 20 scoring punches apiece, proving just how entertaining this fight was.

At times in the fight the two stood toe-to-toe and just brawled with each other, with both having to absorb some massive shots. One particular example of this was in the third round when Jordan King caught Cassap with a massive right hook to the jaw would that would have put down most. Instead, the Lambton Street prospect came straight back with a massive blow to the body from a left hook. Again, a shot that should have visibly done damage but both just continued to trade.

It was a very tight contest and King was in no way outclassed or undeserved of a win if it had gone his way. He was particularly impressive on the back foot, moving nimbly to avoid blows then punishing Cassap on the way out.

Where Warren won, in my opinion though, was when the fighters stepped back after toe-to-toe encounters, Cassap would start working his long left jab to great effect and that probably gained him a lot of his points.

It was a fantastic fight but worry not if you missed it, the two will rematch at Lambton Street’s show at Steels Club on Saturday, making this a show not to be missed.

Also on the Friday night bill was Hetton’s national All-Women’s champion Shauna Taylor. Shauna boxed Chloe Watson (Yorkshire) and made the most of a hight and reach advantage to take a majority decision.

Shauna was the aggressor in the first two rounds making the most of the reach advantage, keeping her opponent at a good range and landing some fast and impressive hooks with great combination boxing. Watson was resilient though and did cause Shauna some problem as she strived to get on the inside and caught her with a few big shots that forced Shauna to retreat a few times.

In the final round, knowing she was in the lead, Shauna used all her experience and versatility and switched to the back foot to protect her lead. There she made full use of her long left jab and kept Watson away from her in order to take the win and secure a big confidence boost at the start of the new season.

Young Lewis Nicholson was impressive again. Too young to actually have a competitive bout, Lewis took part in a skills bout with another young Yorkshire opponent and showed again just how well crafted he already is. Lewis worked well all fight off his left jab and looked so comfortable for someone so young, and if he continues to learn and stays committed, he could have a bright future in this sport.

Kieron Graham secured another win for Hetton in the penultimate fight of the evening. Graham gave an impressive performance where he looked very slick nad moved very well in the ring against his opponent Dan Hurst. His combination punching was very impressive and he was fast enough to make himself first to the shot for the majority of the fight. He won on a unanimous decision.

He will be now hoping to use that win to help him go on to bigger and better things this season.

Women’s boxing is a rising sport since it made its inaugural bow at the London 2012 Olympics but Hetton has always had strong interest in this side of the sport. Another experienced female, Rachel Meredith was in action but lost a very tight contest against an opponent from Yorkshire.

Rachel had the height and reach advantage and used her jab well to try to keep her opponent at range but she was very resilient and was very aggressive in getting on the inside of Rachel. In the last round Rachel landed two big right hooks as her dogged opponent tired but it wasn’t enough as all three judges scored it in favour of the away boxer. Every scorecard was extremely tight though and there was no reason to be ashamed for Meredith.

There were also defeats for Lewis Oxley, Arthur Dolan, Carl Bennett, Leon Birley, Lloyd Lothian and Adam Gair from Hetton but all were tight bouts and none of the boxers should be downhearted by their performances. In the last fight of the night Danny Evans (Plains Farm) represented the home side and defeated Amir Ahmed in a unanimous decision.

The next amateur boxing show in the North East will be on Tuesday night hosted by the Olympian Gym at Grindon Social Club. Tickets are £12 and will be available on the door which opens at 6:30pm. Sadly WearBoxing won’t be there but we will try to get the results if possible.


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