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Hussein cashes in his win and is now out for revenge

Akash Hussein returned to boxing after 18 months out in perfect fashion last Sunday, beating a tricky Eastern European over four rounds.

Hussein topped the Steve Wraith bill at the O2 Academy in Newcastle (his hometown) and defeated Lubo Hantak 39-37 on points to move his record to two wins with one defeat.

That one defeat on his record came 18 months ago just prior to ‘Ca$h’ being sidelined due to an eye injury, and now after making his return and getting out the ring rust, he has revealed that he wants to get back in with the man who beat – Andrejs Tolstihs.

Hussein said: “Getting the four rounds under my belt was great because it will really help me in my next fight. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my performance today but 18 months is a long time to be out the ring and it was nice just to get back. I have spoken to Steve [Wraith] and I have told him that I want to fight the guy who beat me in my next fight. I want to put that record straight and I’m hoping that we might be able to get that done for my next fight on the next show in November because I know I can beat him.”

Wraith’s next show has been confirmed for the 24th November at the O2 Academy with an early 4pm start to allow time to finish in time for the highly anticipated return of Ricky Hatton on the same night.

Hussein had a very tricky encounter in his recent fight though. He admitted not knowing anything about his opponent after it had been changed twice.

The Slovakian came with an aggressive attitude that may have caught many by surprise but Ca$h kept his composure and boxed well on the back foot, utilising his long left jab to keep Hantak at bay. He still wasn’t completely satisfied with the performance though.

“Obviously it had been 18 months since I last boxed so it was really good to get in and get a win. I think I can box a lot better though; there were good points and bad points so I need to leave the good points and focus on the bad and put them right for next time. He was very experienced and came to fight and he was certainly no pushover. He really surprised Paul [Charters – his coach] because he expected him to die off by the third but he didn’t he just kept coming.

“He was tough but I got through it. Every punch he threw was to hurt me and knocked me out but I kept my composure and i got through so I’m quite happy.”

Hussein started boxing under the tutelage and coaching of Sky pundit Glenn McCrory but due to lack of time, he now trains with Paul Charters in McCrory’s gym. Cash explained his relationship now him now after the fight:

” He is still my manager but he is very committed to Sky, and why wouldn’t he be? He gets very good money and he didn’t have enough time to train me. One week he’d be there the next he wouldn’t so he found Paul Charters for me and I’m now very happy I’ve got someone there full time with me now.

“The amount of time I got with Glenn was impossible for me because this is a very tough sport and it only gets harder as you go on. Glenn’s a tremendous coach though. I still see him, he’s like a friend and a father figure to me. I spoke to him after the fight, he couldn’t come because of work, but he was very happy for me that I got the win.

“I’ve known Glenn since I was 15 and he has helped me a lot. It would be impossible for me to repay him for what he has done for me. My relationship with him is very strong.”



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