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Karl Ferguson rues wrong weight but vows not to lose again

Karl Ferguson was left extremely disappointed following his debut defeat but vowed that it wont happen again.

Ferguson, whose real name is David, fought his first professional fight at welterweight against William Warburton despite being a lightweight at amateur on Steve Wraith’s promotional debut ‘Return of the Cash’.

It was clear throughout that Karl was boxing above his weight due to the extreme height and reach advantage in the favour of Warburton. Warburton used this advantage to keep Ferguson at a distance all fight, frustrating him and eventually leading to a stoppage in the third round.

Karl said: “That was definitely not the result I was looking for. It’s a big blow losing my debut fight but it has given me a big reality check of how hard the pro game is. I was fighting way out my weight class, ideally I’m a lightweight at the heaviest. I boxed all the best at amateur as a lightweight and I was wrong to take that fight at welterweight so I’ll be fighting at lightweight from now on.

“I’ll be comfortably able to make lightweight. I had to put on weight to make it for this fight and that was costly because I was carrying extra weight I wasn’t used to and I was tired after the first round. It’s my own fault though, I got offered the fight and I took it, but I am the worst person to ask if I want to fight because I will fight anybody instead of using my head and saying no he’s too heavy, I just said ‘yeah I’ll fight him’.”

At the end of the fight there appeared to be confusion over the stoppage as the referee sent both boxers to their corners without actually waving off the fight. Ferguson revealed he didn’t really know what happened either:

“To be honest I don’t really know what happened there. I thought the referee sent me back to my corner to have a word because my gum shield wasn’t staying in, and then he tells me that’s the end of it. I wasn’t hurt and I thought it was a bit bizarre that he called it off.

“He didn’t hurt me at any point in the fight but I just couldn’t get my shots off because of his height and reach. That got me frustrated and the more I got frustrated the more my game plan just went, which of course suited him. The stoppage is frustrating though because it looks worse on my record and I wasn’t ever hurt at any point. You never know what might have happened in the last round either, I could have come out and changed the fight – it only takes one punch in boxing.”

Karl, who is trained by his brother and dad (both former boxers themselves), also admitted that he didn’t do enough sparring in preparation for the fight but said he has some sorted for the future including some with Shafiq ‘chubzy’ Asif, who also appeared on the bill.

Despite the setback though he says he is still confident he can be successful.

“This setback has been harsh but in a way I’m glad it’s happened at the start rather than five or six fights later. If I won a few fights at welterweight, when I stepped up in class I might have came up against someone who would really take me apart. Now I know lightweight is the zone where I can really showcase my skills and now I’ve tasted defeat there is no way I want to taste it again!”


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