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Summer Rumble 2 set to break records

Phil Jeffries’ summer sensation ‘The Summer Rumble’ is set to return next week and it is going to be bigger and better than ever.

The show on July 15 is Jeffries’ second show at the Stadium of Light – home to Sunderland AFC. And after such a good showing last year he has brought it back; this year boasting 18 bouts including a WBA European super-bantamweight title fight.

Ireland’s Willie Casey and Nottingham’s Jason Booth will contest for the WBA European title at the top of the packed bill which is set to be the biggest boxing show in North East history.

Sunderland will be represented by David Dolan, Glenn Foot and Lee Mould. Dolan was a late addition to the bill after accepting an International Masters Title shot in Italy that sadly fell through. Foot was also a late addition after getting his licence returned following legal troubles earlier in the year and Mould is set to go in just his second fight in the paid ranks.

Promoter Phil Jeffries, who is hoping the show will be a 2,000 strong sell out, has said he is really looking forward to the show.

“I’m a Sunderland supporter and this is without doubt the best venue I’ve ever had, which is why we’re coming back. There’s a lot of fights on the bill and I am looking forward to every single one.

“There should be some cracking fights. All the boxers on the show are great but they all have to progress at a steady pace. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.”

It hasn’t been an easy show for Phil to pull off though, as the show was rocked by withdrawals.

First came the news that the rematch between Neil Hepper and Gary Fox (this time for a Northern Area title) had to be cancelled due to Gary Fox picking up an injury.

Then, just days after Phil spoke of his relief at finally getting Martin Ward his long-awaited title shot, he too had to pull out with injury.

“They are both big disappointments. The first match between Hepper and Fox in Hartlepool was a fantastic fight and I was looking forward to having that on again, this time for a title. I’m also gutted for Ward who has been long due a title shot but I am hoping to get that rearranged for September.

“We’ve got a good replacement with the Booth/Casey fight though and there is plenty of other great fights to look forward to including Peter Cope Jr. challenging for an International Masters title and Davey Ferguson Jr. making his debut. He’s just signed with me and I’m very excited about him boxing.”

Davey Ferguson, whose brother Dave is also a professional boxer, has said he can’t wait to get going.

“I can’t wait, it’s going to be a great show at a great venue. I couldn’t think of anything better for my debut. My brother is helping me prepare both physically and mentally as he has been there and done it. He’s been in two Prizefighters and knows the game inside out so it’s a big advantage having his help. I just can’t wait to get going and I’m confident I can get a win.”

Sunderland’s David Dolan, pictured above at the press conference, spoke about his confidence for his fight.

“I know I can get the win.” He said, “It’s just a case of getting in there and getting it done. I just want to keep competing and keep my name in the title picture then hopefully that shot may come.”

Jeffries revealed that he had tried to secure a british or English title shot for Dolan but that couldn’t come off but promised that Dolan would have a strong opponent who would give him a stern test.

Tickets for the show are still available on available on 07747611020. Phil Jeffries wanted to thank Alan Thompson from ACT Construction for sponsoring the event.


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