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Guest Blog: Kirk Goodings on his time in Las Vegas

Just over a month ago WearBoxing brought you exciting news that one of Sunderland’s young and up and coming professional boxers Kirk Goodings was to travel out to Las Vegas to train with Floyd Mayweather and co.

Kirk’s journey has been a fantastic one and he has shown us all just what hard work can achieve. Following his amazing experience he has written exclusively for WearBoxing to share his experience with you …

Hi everyone.
My name is Kirk Goodings, a 7-0 unbeaten professional boxer from Sunderland. Today I’m talking about my time and experience training in Las Vegas within the Mayweather camp.

The opportunity came around because my boxing coach in London (Tunde Ajayi) is friends with Roger Mayweather (Floyd’s uncle and padman). Roger invited us over to train in the gym ahead of the Mayweather v Cotto bout and I jumped at the chance to meet one of the best fighters in the world and also to watch and study how he trains. I took notes of how Mayweather trained and sparred, notes that would increase my skills, my movement, my fitness and my defence.

The things I learnt from watching Floyd were so basic yet so affective at the same time. I learnt how through the years of his career he has never changed his training but kept it the same, a routine that has worked for him. Fighters these days do so much chopping and changing that they don’t have a routine that works best for them. Through this they end up getting found out when they step up in level because when having no routine you are not at your strongest or fittest!!!

The notes i took will definitely benefit me because I’m young and I now have the knowledge of how to become a world champion.

I then went to see him fight Cotto in a brilliant display of fitness and skill.

Vegas was more of a working holiday with sessions to Mayweather’s gym daily. I gained valuable experience from sparring with many Americans and Mexicans. The only downside of the trip was the long flight back!
I should now next be out fighting, hopefully in July time I’m just waiting conformation. All support would be gladly welcomed.


One comment on “Guest Blog: Kirk Goodings on his time in Las Vegas

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