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Impressive debut for Wearside’s newest pro Lee Mould

Sunderland’s Lee Mould stepped up to the pro ranks in style on Sunday winning all four rounds on his debut.

Mould, 22, beat Albanian born journeyman Ibrar Riyaz who now resides in Reading. In winning every round he took the bout 40-36.

The Wearside boxer, who now works under the tutelage of Mal Gates, picked his shots very well in an aggressive display in which he wore his opponent down.

Lee only started boxing five-year ago, at the age of 17, where he attended Hylton Castle ABC (the gym where former Sunderland champion Billy Hardy first started). He won various North-East belts at 63.5kg and 67kg and also reached the novice finals. However, he admitted that the amateur game was just not for him as he did not like the computer scoring system.

Of his professional debut Lee said: “I am really happy, I think it went really well. I won every round against a very tough opponent. I listened to my corner throughout the fight and was pleased to get the win although I do think I was nervous and therefore started slowly.”

The lightweight who particularly impressed with his constant pressure and well placed body shots is now looking ahead.

“I can’t wait for my next fight and I’d like to thank Phil Jeffries for putting me on his show. Hopefully I can get as many fights in as possible and continue to improve with each one. From my first professional fight I’ve already learnt that you get a lot more time than what you do in the amateur side so you don’t have to go at 100 mph. It allowed me to settle and take my time a bit more.

“I had great support for my fight so I would like to thank people who came and supported me.”

Mould was fighting on the joint promoted show of Dave Garside and Phil Jeffries at Rainton Meadows Arena, which was headline by the highly rated Martin Ward.

Ward has been hit by a string of bad luck of late in his quest to earn a title fight. He was due to fight Craig Lyon for the English bantamweight title in March but that was off after Lyons withdrew with injuries.

The promoters then tried their up most to get Ward a title fight on this show but in the end had to settle for a non-title fight against International Masters bantamweight champion George Gachechiladze.

Ward won the fight after an eighth round stoppage in another good display and is hoping the next time he steps in the ring it will be for a title.

That next time could be the next time Mould also steps in the ring as Lee has been announced as one of the fighters on the huge bill for Phil Jeffries’ Summer Rumble 3 at the Sunderland Stadium of Light on July 15.


One comment on “Impressive debut for Wearside’s newest pro Lee Mould

  1. Great write up and thank you for the support

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