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Roundup: Sunderland ABC dinner show

Sunderland ABC hosted a fantastic night of boxing at the Rainton Meadows Arena at their annual dinner show.

In total 11 young boxing talents from the gym were showcased against opponents from Repton, Kirby, Middlesbrough, Newbiggin and Houghton in an event that raised money for the voluntarily run club.

The most impressive Sunderland performance came from young Kiaran Macdonald (pictured above) who put on a boxing masterclass against Kirby’s Connor Butler.

Kiaran started furiously, taking centre of the ring and blitzing his opponent with relentless shots to both head and body but also showcased his tactical knowledge by stepping out at the right time and moving well to avoid Butler’s counter shots. The story was the same in the second as Kiaran forced the Liverpool-based boxer against the ropes time and time again.

In the third Kiaran threw less frequently but that did not mean he stopped impressing. In the final round he showed more of his defensive abilities, moving well and bobbing and weaving making him such a hard target to hit. He took the bout on a unanimous decision and certainly looked like another potential champion for the successful Sunderland gym.

The most impressive away performance came from Kirby’s Nicholas Ball who faced up against Sunderland’s Ryan Bambrough.

The height and reach advantage that Ryan had was so big that the MC compared this bout to David and Goliath, and it was to have a similar result.

Ryan clearly wanted to use his advantage and keep his opponent at distance with his long left jab but rarely followed it up with anything else.

Ball, on the other hand, showed real guts and determination to walk through the jab and get on Bambrough’s inside. He then utilized his strength and hand speed to really dominate the fight, which he took by a unanimous decision.

Luke Ratcliffe got Sunderland’s first win in the second bout of the night. He fought Newbiggin’s Colin Holmes and started slowly against the taller opponent.

However, despite finding himself against the ropes for most of the first round, he regained the centre of the ring for the next two rounds and started letting his shots go more frequently and hurting Holmes with good shots to the body. He took it on a unanimous decision.

Sunderland’s national schoolboy semi-finalist Connor McCulloch was also successful against Tanwir Chowdhurey (Repton). The fight was very tight and it was a pleasure to watch two very skilled young boxers.

Connor showed the better of the skills, moving well between the body and the head and then in the third when his opponent became more aggressive he boxed very well on the counter with a strong left jab followed by a right hook.

Sunderland’s other winner was Travis Waters who defeated Bradley Strand from Kirby. However, there were defeats for Rhys Walton, John Purdy, Thomas Robson, Lewis Smith and Saqib ‘Moon’ Siddiqui.


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