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Hetton Town boxing derby goes down a treat

Hetton Town Boxing Club hosted their annual boxing show last week in a packed at Rainton Meadows Arena.

The show, with an interesting Tyne-Wear derby theme to it, was a fantastic event promoting the club and its boxers as well boxers from other clubs in the area.

On show were many Hetton Town boxers including young Lewis Nicholson who opened the show in a skills bout with Boldon’s John Hall. Both boxers are very young and it took an extreme amount of courage and bravery for the two young lads to get in the ring and open the show but it didn’t seem to faze them.

Nicholson in particular showed fantastic boxing skill for such a young kid and if he can continue to grow and learn as a boxer then we very well may hear the name Lewis Nicholson on a more frequent basis.

Karl Bennet also impressed in his bout with Bilton Hall’s Jaimee Harkness. The Hetton boxer was explosive from the opening bell and dominated with not only fast but powerful shots, causing a bad nose bleed in the process.

This was the case for the first two rounds, but in the third round Harkness came out more ambitious and made a good fight of the last round. Bennet stayed strong though and won the contest by a unanimous decision.

The seventh bout of the evening was also a cracker and provided somewhat of an upset as Bramble Farm’s Jamal Weaver pulled off a majority decision over Hetton’s Leon Birley. Both boxer’s were defeated semi-finalists at the recent regional junior ABA’s, although Birley had won his quarter-final but Weaver had a bye straight into the semi.

They clashed on this night and it was a fantastic display of boxing from both. Both stood toe-to-toe and threw some heavy hits at each other in the early stages. As the fight settled though it had seemed as though Birley was starting to edge it as his left jab started getting through his opponents defence too easily.

In the third round both boxers again came out toe-to-toe and the fight became a fantastic brawl to watch. It was always going to be tight but in the end, perhaps surprisingly, Weaver got a majority decision.

Hetton Town’s national champion Nathan Millburn got, without doubt, the biggest pop of the night. The home support he received was phenomenal and his bout with Mark Shergold (Lambton Street). The crowd was amazing throughout the whole bout and it made for a magnificent spectacle.

Normally, Millburn may have been favourite, however it was clear from the start that the two were friends and used it as more of a sparring session rather than an actual contest. That didn’t stop it from being incredible action and though and in the end Shergold came away with a majority decision.

Performance of the night had to go to Sunderland East End’s super-heavyweight Phillip Thompson though. He fought Bramble Farm’s Shaun Cassidy in a thrilling senior contest between two giants.

Thompson got in early and after attacking the head and pushing Cassidy back from the ropes Thompson switched his attack with a thunderous body shot that rippled through Cassidy’s ribs and visibly hurt him. From that moment on Thompson dominated as Cassidy tried to hold a lot and Thompson continued to land heavy shots. He was awarded a unanimous decision.

ultimately it was a fantastic night of boxing and hopefully the money raised will ensure one of the regions great boxing clubs can continue to run at such a high level.

Full Results

Lewis Nicholson (Hetton) John Hall (Boldon) Skills bout.

Callum McFerson (Leam Lane) LMD Callum Spoors (West Durham)

Dylan Day (Sunderland East End) WMD Dylan Briggs (Washington)

Karl Bennett (Hetton) WUD Jaimee Harkness (Bilton Hall)

Josh Soakell (Hetton) LUD Ethan Scott (East End)

Jacob Cliff (Lambton Street) WUD Adam Bowden (West Durham)

Leon Birley (Hetton) LMD Jamal Weaver (Bramble’s Farm)

Phillip Thompson (East End) WUD Shaun Cassidy (Bramble’s Farm)

Adam Griar (Hetton) WUD Carl Edmond (Perth Green)

Nathan Millburn (Hetton) LMD Mark Shergold (Lambton Street)

Kieran Graham (Hetton) WMD Sammy Dalton (York Hall)

Callum Quarmby (Hetton) LMD Daniel Cope (Gus Robinson)


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