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Lambton Street duo march on in junior ABAs

Both Anthony Austin and Bobby Begg became North East champions on Saturday and earned their place in the ABA national quarter-final after impressive victories in Newbiggin.

For Begg it was a third fight in the space of seven days, and a second in the space of 24 hours. However, this clearly did not hamper him as he went on to stop his opponent – Liam Duke (Bilton Hall) – in the third round.

The night before Begg (above) had stormed to a 22-9 points victory in an all-Sunderalnd clash over Hetton’s Leon Birley. The victory included a great left hook to Birley’s head that caused a standing eight count.

Begg wasn’t able to stop Birley but stopped Duke in the third after another impressive display of power punching. Begg was the aggressor from the start and got his first major success is the second when a big right hand landed sweet and the official stepped in to count.

Bobby would take control of the fight from there and only the bell saved Duke from a second round stoppage, but it wouldn’t take the Lambton Street boxer long in the third to connect with his big left hand and get the stoppage.

Bobby said: “I think I’ve done really well boxing two days in a row and I’ve stopped 2 out of 3 bouts in the North East group. Now I’m relieved to be able to relax till the quarters, I feel Saturday was the best I’ve ever boxed!”

Bobby’s team-mate Anthony Austin was also victorious on Saturday and will join him in the national quarter finals.

Austin beat Hartlepool Catholic’s Leon Eggerton 24-9 on points in a dominant display.

Austin showcased his fantastic hand speed and ability to move in a commanding display. A particular highlight came in the second round when Austin scored with a three-punch combination starting with a right and left to the head and then switching at the right time to land a sweet right to the body.

Eggerton did give it a good go and that made it a good fight to watch but ultimately Austin showed too much class. He said:

“I thought I dictated the fight from start to finish. I felt my hook’s to the body were working as well as my back hand and I knew I’d won.”

Austin is not taking his victory for granted though: “I was chuffed with becoming the North East champion but I want to take it one step further and win the national championships.”

The two will be accompanied in Manchester on April 28 for the quarters by team mates Steven Lavender and Curtis Todd who received walkovers to the quarters.

They will be joined by Sunderland ABC’s Isaac Macleod, Jake Slater, Steven Pattison and Thomas Robson after all four lads received byes. Robson was supposed to have a fight but got through after his opponent pulled out.

Hylton Castle’s Ryan Conley and Hetton’s Todd Davis complete the list of Sunderland boxers who’ve made it to the quarters.

Sadly they wont be joined by Sunderland East End’s Kyle Brown who lost out to Birtley’s Callum French.

It was always going to be a difficult fight for the less experienced Brown against a very skilled opponent who has boxed for England but to say the 34-5 score line flattered French would be an understatement.

There can be no doubt that French won the bout but it was very tight encounter and Brown was actually the more aggressive boxer throughout the fight going after French with some big shots.

The Birtley boxer did show his class by being patient and waiting on the back foot and scoring on the counter but the score line did seem a little high.

Kyle said of the fight: “I thought I boxed well and id the best i could, however I was beaten by the better and more experienced boxer. I did think the scoring was wrong though because I thought the fight was a lot closer than what they made it. Hopefully I can have another fight by the end of the season and then I’ll be back stronger next year.”

Full results

Class 4
50kg Luke Stewart (Empire) LPTS 5-15 Lee Milburn (South Durham)
54kg James Thompson (Wellington) LPTS 23-25 John Ruddick (Birtley)
57kg Leon Eggerton (Hartlepool Catholic) LPTS 9-24 Anthony Austin (Lambton Street)
60kg Cory Fenwick (Horden) WPTS 10-3 Jake Daley (Spennymoor)
63kg Syed Shah (Horden) WPTS 25-20 Jake McBride (Redcar)
70kg Jim Tyers (Newbiggin) WRSC3 Andrew Short (Chester Moor)
75kg Jahmal Weaver (Brambles Farm) LPTS 6-29 Thomas Nicholson (Darlington)
Class 5
54kg Lewis Graham (shildon) LRSC1 Pat McCormack (Birtley)
57kg Calum French (Birtley) WPTS 34-5 Kyle Brown (Sunderland East End)
60kg Brandon Comby (Spennymoor) LPTS 9-18 Ambrose Burnside (Ward Degnan)
70kg Liam Duke (Bilton Hall) LRSC3 Bobby Begg (Lambton Street)
Class 6
51kg Joe Laws WPTS 41-25 Jack Coglan (South Durham)
57kg Tom Summerbell (Tootill) LPTS 10-17 Adil Hassan (Redcar)
63.5kg Andrew Spowart (North Shields) LRSC3 Josh Kelly (Houghton)
67kg Lee Hatfield (Wellington) LDIS2 Liam Kelly (North Benwell)


Class 4
44-46kg T Nesbitt (South Durham ) w/o
46-48kg A Cope (Gus Robinson) w/o

63-66kg D Fox (Toothill) w/o

Class 5

46-48kg A Winter (Shildon) w/o
48-50kg J Blenkinsop (PTSOB) w/o
50-52kg L McCormick (Birtley) w/o

60-63kg S Lavender (Lambton St) w/o
63-66kg I McLoud (Sunderland) w/o

70-75kg R Conley (Hylton Castle) w/o
75-80kg K Robinson (Newbiggin) w/o

Class 6

45-48kg C Todd (Lambton St) w/o

51-54kg S Wallace (Grainger Park) w/o

57-60kg J Slater (Sunderland) w/o

67-71kg C Patterson (Ryehill) w/o
71-75kg S Pattison (Sunderland) w/o
75-81kg T Davis (Hetton) w/o


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