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Disappointing day for Sunderland ABC at Junior ABAs

It was a disappointing day for Sunderland ABC as their two boxers competing at the junior Tyne, Tees and Wear regional ABA preliminary stages lost.

Both Travis Waters and Jack Storey lost at the event in Newbiggin meaning their competition is now over for another year.

It was also frustrating for The Barnes’ club’s three other boxers in the competition who all received byes through to the national semi final. That means all three are North East champions but also means they wont box until the quarters in Manchester on April 28.

There was some good news though as the club’s latest national champion, schoolboy Carlo Geraldi, won in a warm up fight against home favourite Joe Tyers.

Tyers is older and more experienced than 11 year-old Geraldi but that didn’t hinder the national champion as he showed great ring-work and tactics to win his bout 14-4. Geraldi scored well a couple of times after side stepping as Tyers came in on the attack and then going after the off-balance opponent. It was fantastic movement that earned him a few of the 14 points.

Travis Waters fought Wellington’s James Thompson at 54kg and was unlucky to lose 13-9 (pictured above). It was a very tight contest and Travis was up after the first round, however illness hampered his fitness in the later stages ultimately costing him the match.

He said: “I felt I boxed well until I started coughing and then started getting tired in the last round as I’ve still got a bit of the flu. I thought it could have gone either way, I know I could beat the lad but just not on the day and I will hopefully get a chance to box him again and beat him. For the rest of the year I’m going to work hard to get a title next year.”

Storey was beaten by Andrew Short from Chester Moor with an eventual score of 18-13. Storey had a clear height and reach advantage but struggled a bit with range as his opponent was fast and very aggressive from the opening bell, getting very close and not allowing Storey to use his advantage.

It was a frustrating day for GB development boxer Isaac Macleod who was eager to step back into the ring. However, for a second year running he has been crowned North East boxing champion without even putting a glove on and on the day it was clear that Isaac was extremely frustrated about this. That is because there was no boxers in the North East the same weight as Isaac.

He will now have to wait until April 28 when this regions champions will meet the North West’s in the quarter-final stage in Manchester.

He will be joined by club-mates Jake Slater and Steven Pattison who were also both frustrated at being made to wait because they too had no other competition.

Steven said: “It is frustrating, because I’ve worked really hard and lost all the weight and haven’t got a fight, but I guess it’s just how it goes. I’ve got a walkover to the quarters where I think I’ll be boxing Kyle Shaunessey. He’s a champion but I fancy my chances with him, I’m feeling sharp as ever and im as fit as I’ve ever been too.”

For Jake Saturday was going to be very special as he turned 18.

“It was me 18th birthday on saturday so as soon as I found out I wasnt boxing I left. I was gutted to not fight after all the training and dieting, and now I’ve to wait to fight in the quarters now in just under 3 weeks. I am really confident though, I’m feeling class at the minute. Sharp, strong and fit!”


One comment on “Disappointing day for Sunderland ABC at Junior ABAs

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