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2 out of 3 through for Lambton Street at junior ABAs

There was mixed emotions for Lambton street after Bobby Begg and Anthony Austin were able to progress to the next stages of the junior ABA’s

However, three of their fighters – Wayne Gorringe, Clayton Atkinson and Elliot Miller – were not victorious.

Wayne Gorringe was perhaps the unluckiest of the three as he was drawn against the highly talented England boxer Callum French (Birtley) who won 28-9. Gorringe made it a good battle but French’s movement and tactics were a class above his opponents and that showed in the comprehensive points score.

Elliot Miller also lost in his 60kg semi final against Horden’s Cory Fenwick. Fenwick won with a score of 23-11 and deserved his victory in a dominant performance. He looked a lot sharper than his opponent and it looked far to easy for him to break his opponents defence straight through the middle.

Clayton Atkinson lost an all-Sunderland affair against Kyle Brown (Sunderland East End). It wasn’t the most entertaining of starts as both boxers looked to get too close and mostly ended just clinching each other but it did have some good action. Mainly in the final two rounds. In the second Brown, who was looking the more aggressive of the two, was caught while stepping in with a big left hand and did well to recover from it.

But recover he did. At the start of the third he came out and landed a massive left hook and then later in the round he rocked Atkinson with a right hook.

Atkinson said of defeat: “It was my first fight in six month since moving from Sunderland ABC. I didn’t box my best but I think it was an okay performance, and I believe I could of won the fight if I worked harder in the last round. Basically, I’m going to go away train hard and always try to improve on my weaknesses ready for next years competition.”

Brown (pictured above, left) will now fight Gorringe’s conqueror French and said of the fight:

“I was very happy that I won. I felt I boxed better in the third round, which won me the fight. I am also looking forward to fighting Callum French on Saturday; I think I will gain a lot from the fight on saturday because it will be hard but hopefully I will learn a lot from it.”

Anthony Austin was the first Lambton boxer in action in a 57kg semi final and got the club off to a great start with a 17-8 points win over Forrest Hall’s Terrance Wilkinson. It was a tight fight but Austin always looked in control but struggled to break Wilkinson’s good defence until the last round when Wilkinson tried to attack more and made it easier for Austin to pick his shots.

Despite that Austin wasn’t entirely satisfied with his performance, he said: “To be honest I thought I could have boxed better I knew I won but the lad was strong and tough. I was happy to win but won’t be satisfied until next week if I win in the final, I have already beat the lad who I’m boxing in the final on Saturday but I’m sure he will have improved a lot so I’m hoping I win the North East rounds and hopefully progress to the national rounds and do well then.”

Bobby Begg was the other winner from Lambton. However, because of the amount of boxers in the 70kg category his fight was only a quarter-final meaning he will have to fight his semi on Friday night and then if he is victorious he’ll fight the final the next day.

Begg beat Shildon’s Jack Lowe in an impressive performance that resulted in a stoppage. Lowe struggled to cope with Begg’s brawling style and by the third round Begg managed to catch Lowe with a heavy right-left combination and the referee gave him a standing eight count. As the bout resumed Begg went straight back on the attack and caught his opponent with another massive left forcing the referee to give the count and stop the bout.

Begg said: “I’m hoping to win the ABA’s and get on England which I think I deserve. I was happy with my win but feel I could have been fitter but I’m very confident on winning the full competition.”

Begg will fight Hetton’s Leon Birley on Friday and the winner will then fight in the final on Saturday at Newbiggin.


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