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Hetton’s coach Quarmby upbeat despite defeats in the ABA’s

Hetton Town’s head coach Paul Quarmby says his boys will ‘be back stronger’ next year after both his senior competitors lost in the regional ABA’s.

Paul’s son Callum had lost last weekend in the quarter-final stage against Spennymoor’s Gary Dodds but Hetton’s other competitor Jordan King had progressed to Saturday’s final after beating Liam Knight (Sunderland East End).

Unfortunately though, Jordan (pictured above in the blue) couldn’t follow that victory up in the final against Leam Lane’s Geoff Mullholland. King lost 37-20 in a thrilling contest just like Quarmby had predicted. Both boxers came out with very big shots; making it hard to believe neither was knocked  down at some point.

In the final round King was, however, given a standing eight count after taking a big shot but it didn’t appear to affect him at all. A lot of Big shots had landed from both and King didn’t seem to be rocked at all by the shot but of course the officials main concern must be for the safety of the boxer and this perhaps swayed his decision to give the standing count.

Of the fight Paul Quarmby said: “Jordan boxed well to the  body and head but he was looking for the stoppage instead of trying to box in off the jab. He was doing this because he has stopped four out of his last five opponent’s.

“This will be a big lesson learned as Jordan knows his power and strength but can’t win all his fights like that as he needs his use his boxing skills as he now knows; he can’t stop everyone. However, Jordan will be straight back in the gym and will get back to basics again.”

Despite the disappointment though Paul remains upbeat. This years competition was the first time both Callum and Jordan had entered the senior ABA’s and the Hetton coach is confident that the two lads will be back as strong as ever.

“This was both Callum Quarmby and Jordan King’s first year as a senior and they have both proved they can mix it with the top lads in their respected weight categories. They will be back in the ring in April at our annual boxing show at Rainton Meadows and will be back in the ABA’s next year even stronger and more determined.”

Other results from the Tyne, Tees and Wear senior ABA finals

Paul Gidney (Boldon) LPTS Jamie Humble (North Benwell) 25-12 in the 57kg final.

Josh Leather (Wellington) WPTS James Archer (South Durham) 28-16 in the 60kg final.

Tam Simmamandie (Phil Thomas) LPTS Jeff Saunders (South Durham) 32-20 in the 63.5kg final.

Anthony Hardy (Horden) LPTS Lewis Ritson (Forrest Hall) 19-11 in the 67kg final.

Lewis Cunningham (Wellington) WPTS Mohammed Razaq (Swallwell) 16-11 in the 71kg final.

Peter Martin (Wellington) WPTS Troy Williamson (Natural progression) 42-29 in the 75kg final.

Hetton Town’s annual boxing show will take place on April 27 at the Rainton Meadows Arena. Tickets will be available on the door for the event for anyone who is interested. Check back for more details closer to the event.


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