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ABA title ‘the first of many’ for Carlo Geraldi

Carlo Geraldi Looking focused before the opening bell.

Carlo Geraldi defeated Little Hampton’s Paul Lee Cairnes to become the 36kg national schoolboy champion.

11 year-old Geraldi put in a fantastic performance to win 21-12 against his opponent from Sussex.

In front of a home, North East crowd in Newbiggin Leisure Centre, Carlo showed his class and good schooling by out-boxing his opponent in a dominant and aggressive victory.

Carlo said: “Winning was an amazing feeling. I was that proud I actually cried. I boxed a tall kid who had won all four of his fights before this one. He had all the advantages going for him but me, the smaller man, won.

“My tactics worked, I was aggressive from the start and I think that caught the judges’ eyes.”

Carlo’s dream is to box for England but he is too young this year so says he will use this years victory for the experience.

“This title proves that there is no one better than me so next year I can come and win it again. As for next, I’m boxing at the Repton show so I’m looking forward to that.”

Following his fight Joe Purvis, head coach at Sunderland ABC said:

“Carlo boxed very well today and we are very proud of him. That is his first title, but it will be the first of many because he is a very talented kid.”

It is clear that with all the talent Sunderland has produced (names such as Tony Jeffries, Glen Foot, Kirk Goodings, Warren Baister Isaac Macleod and Jake Slater spring to mind), the coaches must be doing something right. Carlo was very quick to praise them saying:

“My coaches have helped me prepare for this fight so much. They helped me get as fit as I am now, and I would not of won yesterday if it wasn’t for them!”

You can view Carlo’s fight and the moment he was crowned champion here.


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