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Isaac Macleod training hard with Team GB to make Olympics

Isaac training hard to achieve his Olympic dream.

Sunderland ABC boxer Isaac Macleod is continuing to train hard after making the Team GB development squad.

Following trails in Sheffield, Isaac was confirmed as a member of the development squad last month, with a view to competing at both the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Today Isaac travels up the training base in Sheffield for a fourth time and spoke to WearBoxing about how he is finding his feet with the new set-up.

“I’m over the moon to be part of the GB team,” Isaac Said. “Things couldn’t get any better and things are falling into place nicely. The training is amazing and very intense. We go down Thursday to Sunday every two weeks and train four times a day.

“We do different types of training; sparing, strength work and fitness, everything really. At the end you feel dead! It’s different because Joe and Jimmy know me inside-out. They know my strengths and faults, so going down there they need to get used to my style but hopefully everything works out.”

One person who has supported Isaac since the day he started boxing is Sunderland ABC head coach Joseph Purvis. He said:

“I’ve worked with Isaac for six years. When he first came to the gym I just knew he was special. He gets better and better every year and if he conducts himself right he will achieve anything he wants to. The sky is the limit for Isaac.”

Isaac also described how signing his contract felt like signing his life over.

“When you sign that contract they own you really. If you get put on medication by a doctor you can’t take it without first consulting with their doctors. If I’m ever having photos taken I have to wear my GB Adidas kit and there’s many other stuff like that. But I also get a flat to live in when we’re down in Sheffield. They’re a new build and are really nice and tidy.

“It is good. It shows they have your best interests at heart and it will be all worth it if I can achieve the dream of winning both Commonwealth and Olympic medals. I feel relaxed and I am just getting used to senior style really, it’s all coming together. My goal is waiting for the 2012 Olympics to go by and getting some good fights to move onto podium team. That’s when it will all happen, like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.”

Isaac added: “Being at the top-level in boxing is really hard and everyone will agree you have to push yourself to the limit to be that one step ahead. I can’t wait to make it big and prove to everyone how good I am. I just want people to get behind me and believe in my ability because I fear no one and will fight anyone out there who is my weight!”

Isaac will be back in action on Saturday April 7, at the Newbiggin Leisure Centre when he looks to defend his Junior National ABA title.


One comment on “Isaac Macleod training hard with Team GB to make Olympics

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