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Disappointment for Hassan in ABA defeat

Joel Hassan was left disappointed on Saturday after a controversial defeat to Reece Wright in the ABA quarter-finals.

The Sunderland ABC boxer lost on points to the Larches boxer despite many present believing Joel had done enough to seal victory.

Connor McCulloch’s dad, Scott, was in attendance and he said: “Joel boxed really well today. He did himself proud but got the wrong decision in my opinion.”

Hassan had his opponent on the run for the last round but the decision was handed to Wright in the class 1, 44kg quarter-final.

Hassan said: “I thought I was doing okay but the scoring was bad; they seemed determined not to give me a fair chance. In the last round he ran away from me and somehow scored seven points. My coaches were very mad as they thought I was doing well until they saw the score.”

Despite the set-back though, Joel has promised to keep working hard and look ahead rather than dwell on the defeat.

He said: “I will keep my head high because I know I will meet him again and this time get the right result. I am now looking forward to taking on Repton Boys in London, bring it on!

“As for the ABA’s there’s always next year and I am going to set the record straight.”


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