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Carlo Geraldi travelling towards success

Carlo Geraldi being awarded the fight against Carl Stoot.

Sunderland ABC boxer Carlo Geraldi received a bye through to the semi final meaning he wasn’t in action on Saturday in Manchester.

The Ford Estate boxer was crowned North East champion at the Rainton Meadows Arena last month and was due to fight in Manchester alongside his club-mates Joel Hassan and Connor McCulloch.

However, there was no minor-class 34-36kg fighter from the North West regionals so Carlo automatically qualified for the semi finals, which will be held next Saturday in Manchester.

The 11-year-old boxer is competing in the ABA’s for the first time and said being crowned North East champion was his ‘proudest moment’ in boxing.

He got there after a dominant 33-19 points victory over Shildon’s Carl Stoot. Carlo may have conceded 19 shots but it was only because he went in on the attack from the opening bell and gave a thrilling performance. He dominated with extremely fast combination punches to the head and even caused a standing eight count in the third and final round.

He started boxing when he was six but started at Sunderland East End ABC before moving to Sunderland ABC. He said: “The training at Sunderland ABC is very good but they are also very patient with you. They want to make sure you’re ready before they put you in the ring. Winning at the ABA’s was amazing; it was the best feeling in the world. My trainers now expect me to win the whole competition and so do I.”

When Carlo is not boxing he may be seen at travellers events such as horse fairs like Appleby where he takes his own horses. He also keeps lurcher dogs and says he enjoy going coursing with his dad and friends.

Best of Luck to Carlo in the rest of the competition.


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